Techie Youth
with Summer
Program in 2022!

Techie youth is an organization dedicated to helping both at risk and foster children. On their webste they provide tons of videos that teach people how about industries that they may be interested in, and also beginner skills for entering the industry. They also provide information that can allow children to make money right after learning their skills, allowing them to gain more experience and build up a portfolio within weeks. They offer a wide range of opportunities such as video editing, web development, stocks and mobile development. This is only a small fraction of what is offered, and a full list is available down below:

Selling computer designed objects

Selling stocks and cryptocurrencies

Selling digital goods

Selling art online

Creating niche information websites

Social community organizing

Music production

Web development

Creating mobile apps

Artificial intelligence

Providing services


Video editing


Recruiter & Talent Acquisition

Virtual assistant

Data analyst

Quality assurance

Product manager


Earning immediate Income

To further incentivize children to learn, they offer certificates, treating their website as sort of a class session. Through each course you try to complete there will be many videos, many quizes and an assignment that requires you to use the skills you learned. For instance: if I take the web development course I will be tested upon my knoledge of html, website security and job knowledge and will be tasked with making a good website at the end. In fact that is the situation I am in right now. Also, at the end of each day, students are required to summarize what they learned that day.

Each class once completed gives you a certain amount of credits, when you reach 20 credits you can graduate from the program, and if you achieve 25 credits you graduate with honors. This certificate can then be used to reference on a resume or a portfolio.

With techie youth, the child is in charge of what they learn, so if I am interested in mobile development I can learn that, I will not be forced to learn about entreprenuering.

If you are interested in partaking in this program, or having your child partake, information about the program can be found below: